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Discover a complete suite of immersive and interactive solutions to develop business skills and personal attitudes more quickly and develop your organisation's collective intelligence.
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areas of expertise

Including neurosciences, language science, sound design, visual design, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, sales, negotiation, and communication.


major partners

Including BPI France, Le Village by CA, Business France, and Laval Virtual.


 domestic or international clients projected for 2021

Providing solutions to companies ranging in size from small businesses to large multinationals.

Shared Values, Sharing Success


We design Plug & Play omni-devices solutions that are simplistic to use and affordable.


We are driven to finding the very best in innovative solutions that are truly useful to people.


We cut costs and delays to offer the most flexible autonomous solutions for everyone's skilling-up.

Our story

November 2017

Founding of MaxSens Innovations + Prototype for PC

1st semester 2018

Construction of a Minimum Viable Product for mobile.

2nd semester 2018

Construction of a beta version. Introduction of AI bricks for the analysis of voice and actions. + scoring + Edith SAAS platform + replay + multi-learners

1st semester 2019

Organization of a Beta Test Week From 17th to 21st Dec. 2018 with 150 testers+ Prototype for PC

1st semester 2019

Participation in Laval Virtual  Winner of the Crédit Agricole Initiative Competition Integration of semantic analysis and speech recognition

1st semester 2020

Commercial launch of version 2 of Edwin and Edith (EdTrain)

2nd semester 2020

New graphic identity of MaxSens InnovationsEdwin & Edith becomes EdTrainCommercial launch of a suite of solutions: EdTeams, EdClass, EdU, EdWords