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Discover a complete suite of immersive and interactive solutions to develop business skills and personal attitudes more quickly and develop your organisation's collective intelligence.
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Achieve better results through better teamwork

A company needs everyone to work together, even when far apart. EdTeams provides an immersive solution for better brainstorming, greater creativity, and real results.

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How EdTeams works

Applying the latest developments in neurosciences and gamification for brainstorming, teams can transform their creativity into real results.

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Multiple applications

EdTeams includes many applications to enhance
the different aspects of teamwork.


Agile methodology

Scrum process frameworks

Lean canvas

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Simple to use, simple to set up

Customisable to create and adapt collaboration methods quickly and without programming.

Rapidly deployable across supports, regardless of equipment (PC, Mac, IOS, Android and VR headsets).

Intuitive, immersive and gamified, requiring minimal set up and pre-training. 

Why choose EDTeams

Multiple collaborators able to work together remotely, for fluid and dynamic real-time interactions.

Truly immersive gamified environments for greater concentration.

Scalable, by permitting applications to be easily duplicated for economies of scale.

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For me, there’s before and after EdTrain, just like before and after Star Wars. The world of training will never be the same again!

Jean-Michel Hillion, Partner at Sherpa Consulting

Subscription formulas

Monthly subscriptions with 12 or 24 months contracts.

Billing according to the number of users
Possibility to scale up or down user numbers during the contract

Designed for you, whatever your business

EdTeams is very simple to deploy, regardless of your equipment and information systems.


designed for mobile, tablet, PC / Mac / VR headset. 


Single Sign-On technology, for simple secure access to all services.


Docker-optimised, to be easily adaptable to all client architectures.

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