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Discover a complete suite of immersive and interactive solutions to develop business skills and personal attitudes more quickly and develop your organisation's collective intelligence.
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Harness your employees’ potential and transform your business

In this digital age, employee hard and soft skills may need to evolve quickly. EdTrain helps companies to effectively enhance employee skills, with significant economies of scale.

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How it works

EDTrain is an immersive and interactive solution for the training and development of soft and hard skills. Its innovative and adaptive environment allows people to learn much faster than traditional methods. 

Simple to use, simple to set up

Simple to use for every skill level.

Customisable to create, adapt and duplicate subject scenarios quickly and without programming

Rapidly deployable across supports, regardless of equipment (PC, Mac, IOS, Android and VR headsets)

Enter the world of EdTrain

With V-learning, people feel 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners and 2.3 times more connected than e-learners. Thanks to the total immersion, they can connect with content more deeply, understand it better, and remember it for longer.

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Why choose EdTrain

Cost-efficient, with a per-training cost 75% lower than in-class training.

Time-efficient, by helping students to learn much faster, through total intelligent immersion.

Real-time evaluation, by providing relevant and immediate results obtained through AI and educational monitoring.

Focused, by allowing employees to concentrate on learning better than with similar on-site training

Scalable, by allowing subject scenarios to be duplicated to achieve economies of scale. 

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For me, there’s before and after EdTrain, just like before and after Star Wars. The world of training will never be the same again!

Jean-Michel Hillion, Partner at Sherpa Consulting 

EdTrain for a car manufacturer :
How to accelerate the acquisition of the sales team's skills?

Classical training


EdTrain training

8,2 h

Duration of training

2 188 €
544 €

Cost per person

Subscription formulas

Subscription options to match your needs
Subscription with hourly packs (from 600 to 1200 hours)

 Access to two scenario editors (standard and chronological)
Dedicated content library for students
(*according to the technical needs of the customer)
Solution available on headphones (Réalité Virtuelle), PC & Mac, Android and iOS

Designed for you, whatever your business

EdClass can be easily integrated into the education system of any establishment.


Immediately available in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin, and readily adaptable to many others.


Designed for mobile, tablet, PC / Mac / VR headset and LMS (Learning Management Systeme) platforms.

Fully certified

and meeting all “Qualiopi” French certification criteria.


Single Sign-On technology, for simple secure access to all services.


Docker-optimised, to be easily adaptable to all client architectures.

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