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Help those in need of basic skills

Without a basic education, it’s hard to integrate into society. EdWords helps those who have missed-out, to master the necessary skills that will make a real difference to their lives.

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How EdWords works

Through a virtual immersion in everyday situations that they find challenging, learners can overcome their difficulties and find new confidence in themselves.

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Optimised to help with everyday living

Immersive and interactive solutions to assist
those lacking education to live better. 

Developing essential skills

EdWords helps learners with key areas in their lives

To be able to improve their reading, writing and logical understanding.

To interact better while giving and receiving simple instructions.

To master stress and emotions, so as to stay calm and in control of oneself. 

Exploring essential environments

EdWords takes learners into virtual environments where they don’t have to fear making mistakes

Post office



Train station

Employment office

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Simple to use, simple to set up

Zero client set-up required

Customisable to create, adapt and duplicate subject scenarios quickly and without programming.

 Rapidly deployable across supports, regardless of equipment (PC, Mac, IOS, Android and VR headsets)

Enter the world of EdWords

Allow pupils to discover and benefit from an adaptive learning environment where they interact without stress, and prepare effectively for their major oral exams.

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Why choose EdWords

Educational scenarios included in the European Community framework.

Practical pedagogy, of learning by doing, and learning by identifying one’s own mistakes.

Real-time evaluation, by providing relevant and immediate results obtained through AI and educational monitoring.

Time-efficient, by helping students to learn four times faster, through total intelligent immersion.

Cost-efficient, with a per-training cost 75% lower than in-class training.

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The only learning that really influences an individual’s behaviour is the learning they discover for themselves and make their own.

Carl Rogers, author of “Freedom to Learn”

Location: The supermarket
Scenario: Buying items from a shopping list.


reading and objective reasoning

Reading and understanding a shopping list.

Finding one’s way around the shelves of a supermarket.

Reading and understanding simple prices, and prices per kilo.

Using the automatic machine to weigh fruits and vegetables.


comprehension and communication

Interacting with the supermarket staff.

Asking for information.

Giving clear instructions.

Explaining how to find an item.


 socially correct behaviour

Making eye contact during conversation.

Using the right terms for the other person.

Subscription formulas

An essential service made simple
Monthly subscriptions with 12 or 24 months contracts.

Billing according to the number of users
Possibility to scale up or down user numbers during the contract
Unlimited hours of usage

Designed and built for success

EdWords can be easily integrated into every remedial education program. 


Immediately available in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin, and readily adaptable to many others.


Designed for mobile, tablet, PC / Mac / VR headset and LMS (Learning Management Systeme) platforms.


Single Sign-On technology, for simple secure access to all services.


Docker-optimised, to be easily adaptable to all client architectures.

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