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Prepare for your big speech !

Major oral exams are more important than ever to pupils future. EdClass encourages active learning through simulation and immersion to achieve both oral fluency and exam success.

How EdClass works

Through a combination of immersive technology and neuroscience-based pedagogy, pupils can practice perfecting their oral skills in a safe environment, allowing them to correct mistakes and grow in confidence. 

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Prepare for your big speech ! 

Our offer for all high school and university students. An offer without commitment
Offer valid until September 30, 2021 included

"Open arms" pack

€ 2

9 sessions

Grand Oral training


7/7 24/24 access

€ 1 donated to CEFAM

€ 1 donated to Aide et Action France


High school students learn four times faster thanks to total immersion and intelligence.

Students learn at their own pace, online or offline on PC or Mac.

Real Time
For relevant feedback through AI, pedagogical follow-up, evaluations

The Grand Oral exam is also a social issue, because it enhances our ability to argue, to listen to eachother, and to enjoy a point of view that is different from our own…

Jean-Michel Blanquer, French Minister of Education

Preparing students for the 'Grand Oral'

Objective 1

Knowing how to argue and develop one's thinking

Preparing your intervention

Explain your choice of topic

Enhance your career path and professional project

Objective 2

Oral fluency

Establish good eye contact with the jury

Use appropriate vocabulary

Optimised for essential subjects

Immersive and interactive solutions to help pupils to
develop oral fluency and emotional control






Oral exam training 

Public speaking

Interview simulations

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