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6 reasons why you should switch to immersive learning

HR officers keep complaining that they are blind, missing metrics to evaluate the effects of trainings on employees.
The consulting companies PWC and OfficeDynamics have conducted research on traditional learning, e-learning and v-learning formats.

The outcome is impressive ! V-learning wins on all aspects, for a simplistic reason : the brain does not distinguish virtual reality from reality. 
The benefits are that learners are 3,75 times more emotionally connected, 4 times more focused than e-learners, the durability of knowledge is 75% retention after a month vs. 5% usually, the memorization time is cut by 4, costs are cut by 65% (but at Max'Sens our latest records show a cost cut by 4). 
Learners say that the applicability of what they learned are 2,75 higher.

Max'Sens achieves better results than the studies.

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17 November, 2020

, Learning, HR, Immersive, VR, v-learning



For me, there’s before and after EdTrain, just like before and after Star Wars. The world of training will never be the same again!

Jean-Michel Hillion, Partner at Sherpa Consulting