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MaxSens Innovations

After the successful launch of “Edwin & Edith” business training solutions in 2018, MaxSens Innovations is combining these two elements under the name EdTrain. This represents its training solution dedicated to business training. At the same time, its range of solutions is enlarged to provide the right solution for Business, Education and Remedial Learning.

For company training: EdTrain
In this digital age, employee hard and soft skills need to evolve quickly. EdTrain helps to develop and enhance skills, with significant economies of scale.

For better collaboration, EdTeams
A company succeeds by having everyone work together, even when far apart. EdTeams provides an immersive
solution for better brainstorming, greater creativity, collaborative work and real results.

For secondary education, EdClass
With the coming changes to the French Baccalauréat, oral fluency has never been more critical for exam success. Through simulation and immersion, EdClass allows school children to actively build the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

For university education, EdU
Companies want to hire graduates with more than just diplomas. EdU helps students to prepare for professional
careers by enhancing skills of management, negotiation and communication.

Remedial learning, EdWords
Without basic education, life becomes much more difficult. EdWords helps those who have missed out to master the essential skills of reading, writing, arithmetic and effective self-expression.

All solutions are built around the ground-breaking core technology designed and developed by MaxSens Innovations. Each of them is ready to be implemented in businesses, schools, universities, and elsewhere.
Lastly, with regards the challenges presented by CoVid19, MaxSens Innovations solutions can be implemented entirely remotely. This means that nothing can slow down learning or training, regardless of what new safety measures may be put in place.

04 September, 2020


John Doe


For me, there’s before and after EdTrain, just like before and after Star Wars. The world of training will never be the same again!

Jean-Michel Hillion, Partner at Sherpa Consulting