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Discover a complete suite of immersive and interactive solutions to develop business skills and personal attitudes more quickly and develop your organisation's collective intelligence.
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Innovative Solutions for a new Learning Experience

Throughout our lives, we can always benefit from learning and training. Our solutions are designed around individuals – whether in education, business or searching new opportunities – in order to meet their exact needs.

Bringing out the potential of every employee, thanks to training

Thanks to innovative virtual reality (V-learning) tools, employees can master new skills more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Taking teamwork to the next level by leveraging collective intelligence

Applying the latest developments in neurosciences and gamification for brainstorming, teams can transform their creativity into real results.

Rethinking learning for the next generation

Using virtual simulation and immersive learning, pupils can prepare for success in their oral exams.

Preparing students to be future professionals, through training

Through adaptive and interactive simulations, students can identify their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Teaching basic skills better through repititive learning sessions

Thinking basic skills acquisition, those most in need can master the essentials of reading, writing, arithmetic and effective self-expression.

Four reasons to choose Max Sens Innovations

Innovation driven

By combining neurosciences, artificial intelligence and virtual reality

Adaptability to your goals

By allowing clients to customise scenarios to their exact needs


With proprietary solutions requiring zero client setup

R.O.I. enabling

By reducing both costs and training times for savings of up to 70%

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